Proposed Staffing Changes

  • The following are proposed staffing changes for the 2022-2023 academic year: 

    • A Computer Services Assistant to allow expanded service relating to increased use of technology.
    • A Laborer/Night Shift Supervisor (K-12) to  handle overnight cleaning and other work.
    • A part-time occupational therapy services (0.2) and part-time physical therapy services (0.4) would be provided by WFL BOCES to cover increased needs. The District would receive aid in the following year.
    • An Elementary and Secondary Administrative Dean of Students to replace two Teachers on Special Assignments to provide an enhanced candidate pool and more stable services.
    •  A School Psychologist to offset the elimination of a Teacher on Special Assignment CSE Chair and provide more social-emotional support.
    •  Eliminating a teaching assistant position, which aligns with a staff retirement.

    Additional positions and programs were addressed in 2021 through the use of federal and state aid, and include:   

    • After-school and summer programs.
    • Additional math and reading support.
    • Positions to support social-emotional learning.
    • Materials/supplies to support in-person instruction.
    • Cleaning/laborer and clerical positions to support cleaning/health and safety protocols.
    • HVAC upgrades to improve ventilation.