• It’s time to prepare for seventh grade and what’s to come in Middle School. Research shows that middle school students will experience greater success when adequately prepared and know what to expect. This is your opportunity to help your child prepare for all that Middle School has to offer. The Midlakes Middle School Eagle Camp will help your child walk the halls with confidence and make the transition from elementary school less stressful. 

    No family should start middle school with questions like: 

    • What if my child doesn’t know anyone? 
    • What if they get lost? 
    • Who will help them with their locker? 
    • How can they get extra help? 
    • What if they were fully remote last year? 

    Eagle Camp is a one-day, 2.5-hour program for incoming seventh graders. Students will have the opportunity to meet our “eighth-grade camp counselors,” walk their schedules, practice locker opening, talk about technology changes, learn about bullying prevention, and meet their teachers and much of the Middle School staff. Students will be placed into small group sessions to make the transition comfortable and informative. 

    What to expect? 

    • Touring the Great Unknown: A guided scavenger hunt around the building 
    • Bullying & Online Responsibility: Making students aware of online expectations and policies 
    • Team Building: Cooperative challenges to foster teamwork and personal growth 
    • Tech Talk: Introduction to the technology most commonly used at Midlakes Middle School 
    • Destination Lockers: Opportunity to walk the halls and practice your locker 
    • Connections: A Questiona and Answer session with our “eighth-grade camp counselors” 

    When: Wednesday, Aug. 25th, 11 a.m. - 2:15 p.m. Students will check-in at the MS/HS Main entrance (south side of the building across from HS parking lot, not the bus or sports loops) from 11-11:15 a.m., staff and camp counselors will walk groups of students to our large session. Pick-up will be at 2:15 p.m. in the same location. 

    What to bring: comfortable shoes, a backpack & folder to bring home information 

    Cost: FREE! All you need to do is register by Tuesday, Aug. 10 (see REGISTRATION FORM BELOW) 
    *All COVID-19 protocols will be followed, please watch the District website and social media for the most recent updates* 

    Families may download the following file and mail in their registration by August 10 to:

              Laurie Schmitt, PSO
              Midlakes Middle/High School
              1554 State Route 488
              Clifton Springs, NY 14432