Diagnostic Testing Consent Information

  • The Phelps-Clifton Springs Central School District continues to make the health and safety of staff and students a priority, in conjunction with Ontario County Public Health and various New York State guidelines and requirements.

    The District is offering a simple, no-cost COVID-19 diagnostic test (a shallow nasal swab) for families in accordance with state and county mandates for students exhibiting one or more symptoms of COVID-19 at school or when students come in close contact at school of anyone with a COVID-19 infection. Families wanting the District to provide a the diagnostic test must provide consent through the RSchoolToday app or by provided written consent to school.

    School nurses have been trained to process the diagnostic tests using a PCR unit with results returning in about 15 minutes. The test is designed to limit quarantines and keep students in school. Any health directives and orders to quarantine for those testing positive will come from Ontario County Public Health.

    Find more information on how to provide consent for diagnostic testing through the RSchoolToday app below. Families may also contact the District's COVID-19 Safety Coorindator John Lombardi at (315) 548-6450.

    Families can also read more about Diagnostic Testing in the Superintendent's Message to families.

How to Provide Consent

  • Video Tutorial
  • Written Instructions
  • Spot the Symptoms