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Classmates Start Chess Club

photo of chess club organizers

MARCH 21, 2022 — Three sixth graders have made all the right moves to start a student-led Chess Club at Midlakes Elementary School.

Kaden Guillaume, Colt Walker, and Brian Cannan were talking one day in February about how they all like to play chess and thought: "Let’s start a Chess Club."

They approached school librarian Heather Bradley to see if they could host the club in the library and then worked with school principal Chris Moyer to create a permission slip for students. Moyer also purchased chess boards for the club.

"I wanted to get involved because I just love playing chess," said Colt, adding that the club is "a fun, safe environment where you can come, play chess, and have fun."

The club will meet on Tuesdays through the end of the academic year and only meets when school is in session. A dozen students signed up for the club's first meeting, which included an overview presentation by Brian.

The club allows students to work on game strategy while also developing concentration, memory, and critical-thinking skills. The club also plans on teaching new players how to play the game.

"It does take a little bit of thought," said Kaden. "It is helpful to think a couple of steps ahead. It is a puzzle to figure out how to get that person into checkmate and win the game."

photo of chess club